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A Letter to the Mom Who Feels Like She's Failed

"Whoever fears the Lord has a secure fortress, and for their children it will be a refuge"

-Proverbs 14:26-

To the mom who feels like she's failed,

We're sorry. We're sorry that you feel this way, because the truth is - you haven't. We know you want to hold our hands, and shield us from the dangers of this unpredictable roller coaster called life, but unfortunately, you can't.

We may not know how it feels to worry for a child yet, or to look into the eyes of a mini-me, but we do know what it's like to look into your eyes - full of love, forgiveness, & humility.

We know that every time we've failed, we feel the sting of guilt far more than you realize, because we know we've let you down. We know that you told us not to do that, and we did it anyway - now bearing the consequences. We know that you told us to put our relationship with Jesus above all, and we don't always do that.

We know it. And we're sorry.

But, here's what else we know. We know that those failures, misjudgments, disappointments & mistakes were never your fault. We know that it was never a lack of guidance, or love, or "good parenting". We know that we needed to make those mistakes to become stronger & to essentially become who we are today.

Whenever we fail, we know that the first place we should turn, is our Bible. Whenever we feel alone, we can hear the echoes of your prayers in our soul. Whenever we need hope, we know you are always a phone call away. We know where we can run when we need shelter, because you've always provided that for us.

We aren't always ready for life's twists and turns. We aren't always ready for heartbreak & darkness that snatches us in its claws at the most unexpected times. We aren't always ready to face you whenever we make big mistakes.

Yet, when those waves came crashing in on us, we know that we have an anchor of hope, even if it feels hidden - buried in the deepest parts of us.

We saw you curl your hair while reading devotions every morning, so we started to too. We watched you lift your hands in praise, even when tears strolled down your face, so we did too. We watched you get down on your hands and knees in prayer as an instant reaction to pain, so we started to too.

And even if it didn't happen right away, or ever at all...we knew it was what we should do.

We've always watched you, and now we know where to turn. You won't save us from more loss, heartbreak & failure. You can't protect us from harmful or scary situations. But you can provide a model of how to react during these disappointments. And that's exactly what you did, and what you continue to do for us.

Thank you, for teaching us to extend grace to everyone we can. Thank you, for teaching us to love others as much as we can. Thank you, for reminding us to find the tiniest pieces of joy within the darkest of moments.

Thank you, for being an illustration of God's grace, love & wisdom.

Our walk is our own, but your guidance is written in our hearts - whether you see it or not. We are beyond thankful that we have a source of hope to run to when the world crushes our spirit. We're thankful you've shown us how to turn to the only one who can heal our wounds. Thank you for always pointing to Jesus, and for loving us just as he does.

Your success is not based on ours.

It is based on the foundation that you lay for us.

So thank you. Because of you, we will always know, whether we show it or not, that we can always run to the forgiving, loving, tender arms of Jesus.

Thank you moms for all you do. Thank you for being prayer warriors, true examples of grace, & honorable, hard workers. Keep being a loving example. You are the foundation every child needs.

We will always have your words & actions tucked in the deepest parts of our hearts.


Your children

"Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it."

-Proverbs 22:6-


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