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Baby Steps

When an infant is born into the world, they don't pop out of their mother's wombs with running shoes on. No, instead they are seemingly hopeless, crying for direction, comfort and guidance. The baby's parents then take on the task to provide help while the baby grows into its new body and seeks to understand its functions.

If we expected babies to act as fully functioning adults immediately upon birth, life would feel like a futuristic James Cameron movie or something. We don't get upset or point our fingers with disgust that they aren't at their full potential yet. That would be absurd and quite frankly, unfair.

Just in the same, our heavenly Father doesn't expect us to fully flourish in a completely successful, blameless walk with Him right away. Instead, He simply wants to help us, guide us, and hold our hand as we learn to first crawl, then stand, then walk, then run into His beautiful plan for our life.

If you're anything like me, which, I totally pray you're not... (that's a joke, relax guys), then the future can be quite an overwhelming topic to tackle. In fact, future plans are always finding themselves into every nook and cranny of my brain, seeping their way into my daily thoughts. It's particularly annoying.

Well, it's annoying because these thoughts don't come alone. No, of course not. They are ALWAYS carrying some sort of suitcase with them, filled with baggage of anxiety, worry, fear, or insecurity. Sometimes, and I mean sometimes, they happen to have a carry-on of hope or excitement- but often, the larger suitcases of fear and worry seem to overshadow their presence.

The thing is, I have always been an active kid. I mean, ask my parents. I came out of the womb about 100 miles an hour and haven't stopped since. As a young child I somehow flung myself out of my crib, I grew up playing multiple sports simultaneously, and I'm hyper at the most inconvenient times. I definitely don't need caffeine, but my veins somehow run only on coffee, so you can see how this adds to the issue.

So, when my mind starts to race about future plans, so does my body. I physically start to feel worry and fear. I feel like I need to do something about it right now. Right this minute. RIGHT THIS SECOND!!!!

Ok, chill.

God designed your life so that it can flourish in its own beautiful timing. And guess what? All you have to do is obey Him. Listen to Him. Spend time with Him!

Lately, as I spend more time with Him, I feel in my heart that there are multiple things He is brewing for my future. They all seem big, and scary, and completely amazing at the same time. It gets me super fired up, y'all. But it also worries me. What if I'm not doing enough? How am I really going to accomplish all of that? I can't see this all coming together. There's no way...




So in my anxiousness, I lifted my hands and closed my eyes. And then I heard:

Baby steps, my daughter. Baby steps.

Sometimes we are so excited to move. Or we have a million plans we want to accomplish. Or we can't see our way out of a seemingly large issue. Or we have a mountain standing in front of us that seems unmovable.

Do you know how you get over a mountain?

You climb it.

And you climb it,

one. step. at. a. time.

"Oh Danielle, but you don't understand. There's no way. This won't change. I can't accomplish this. It's too big. It's impossible. How? When? It's just never going to happen."

Dude. You sound EXACTLY like my inner monologue. So, stop it. I get it. But the thing is- if it were all easy, and it all made sense, we wouldn't need to rely on our faith. We would rely solely on ourselves and the practicality of the world.

Think back on the times when you've tried to take matters into your own hands. Okay, I'll admit- I'm smiling pretty widely at the moment. I mean to the point where I'm about to burst out laughing, because what a comedy show that has been. Yet we think we have to try to do it- again, and again, and again. And we forget how faithful He is if we will just hand over our lives to Him.

"You have forgotten God your Savior; you have not remembered the Rock, your fortress. Therefore, though you set our the finest plans and plant imported vines, though on the day you set them out, you make them grow, and on the morning when you plant them, you bring them to bud, yet the harvest will be as nothing in the day of disease and incurable pain." Isaiah 17:10

You see, when we take matters into our own hands and think we are watering our own gardens and planting our own life strategies- we may see temporary blooms, but they are rooted in destruction.

Only Jesus knows exactly what we need, and more importantly- WHEN we need it.

He makes the impossible possible.

He can and WILL make beauty from your ashes.

He has a beautiful purpose for your life and He's going to unravel it- one step at a time.

In his timing, everything is made beautiful.

I don't know how I'm going to get there, but I KNOW I will. One step at a time.

One morning of prayer at a time.

One blog post at a time.

One positive word to my self-image at a time.

One deep breath at a time.

One chapter of the Bible at a time.

One cry to Jesus at a time.

One smile at a stranger at a time.

One spoken word against the enemy's lies at a time.

Take a breath. Your father doesn't expect you to come out of the womb running. Let's learn to crawl together. He's waiting, with arms wide open. Crawl into His embrace, and watch how He'll begin to bring you to your feet and guide you to walk, to run, to sprint and finish this beautiful race for His glory.


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