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Day 5 Update

What an eventful day we had today, folks.

For starters, I mistakenly took my sudden burst of late morning energy (undoubtedly a result of chugging 2 black coffees...) as a means to prompt my body into exercising. And I'm not talking a nice Yoga routine...

So, on went YouTube, out came the weights, and off to cardio kick-boxing land we went. After the insanely fit blonde chick on TV whooped my butt, I decided it was a lovely day to bring Molly Rue for a long walk.

Talk about easing myself back into things...

Naturally, I sit here typing with exhausted limbs, a pounding headache, and a horrible aching sensation across my entire back. My grandpa Rich is probably shaking his head at me in heaven, right next to Jesus.

I imagine their convo is going like this:

Grandpa: "I told her she's hard-headed. I told her to slow down."

Jesus: "Welcome to my life every day, Rich."

Grandpa: "You think she'll listen anytime soon?"

Jesus: "We're working on it..."

And that's exactly where He brought me today.

Ironically, but not really, my reading this morning continued in 1 Kings, and happened to be the passage about Elijah. You probably know exactly where this is heading...

If you don't know, I'll give you the ADHD version of the story.

Basically, Elijah was a prophet - and an incredible man of God. His mission was set during the rule of Ahab, who was married to some chick named Jezebel (the crowd boo's), and there was a long lasting famine and drought throughout the land.

Now. The real issue was the fact that most of the people were worshiping an idol whom they deemed to be their god - Baal.

But Elijah was sent to set the people straight. There ain't no god, but God. And the people needed to know. Like, really, really know.

So in went Elijah and he proved the power of God and the uselessness of Baal. Then he had the 450 prophets of Baal slaughtered.

Who said the Bible was boring?

Basically, the dude was legit. And he trusted God so much, that he never fretted - even when the water that was promised didn't show up until the 7th time his servant checked.

We only see him fret once. And it's when Jezebel (the crowd boo's again) sends a message to Elijah that she will kill him. Well, instead of trusting God for provision, like He had given him time and time again (you'll have to go read all of 1 Kings 17, 18 & 19), Elijah runs in fear.

All because of a woman.


Except, we see that the real reason that Elijah is afraid is because he's exhausted and hungry. His energy was depleted. God sends an angel to encourage him to nap and eat. What a lesson that is right there...

Sometimes, when our emotions run high, all we need is a good snooze and a bite to eat. I like this iso-lesson.

Then God shows up and comforts Elijah. Instead of being mad with him that he responded in fear, or responding with rage that Elijah complains about being the "only" prophet left standing for God's word, God speaks to him in a gentle whisper.

The Word says that wind, earthquake, and fire all came to where Elijah was - but God was not in any of them. Instead, following these, God showed - in a still, small voice.

Elijah needed rest. He needed to revive his body with nourishment, and he needed the comfort of God's voice to remind him that he's not alone. In fact, God's comforting word lets Elijah know that he wasn't not the only prophet left, like he thought he was.

"Yet I reserve seven thousand in Israel - all whose knees have not bowed down to Baal and whose mouths have not kissed him"

- 1 Kings 19:18 -

We do that, don't we? We run ourselves ragged, and when our bodies are depleted of energy, our emotions take over, diminishing any sort of faith progress we make. We know that God is for us and that He will take care of us, but somehow, our mind wearily tricks us into thinking that we are completely alone and that God has forgotten us.

We lack clarity when the haze of exhaustion clouds our minds.

Rest is imperative to our progress. It's important to our spiritual journey, because our bodies and souls need it to renew. Without refreshment, we will become a prisoner to fickle emotions and thoughts that have no alignment to God's promises.

My life is usually so chaotic that it feels unnatural for me to sit around.

I started to feel guilty about skipping workouts and spending my days immersed in a good book or cheering on a fictional Hallmark couple.

I feel guilty being able to rest my eyes at any moment of the day, and not producing some sort of work for fifteen minutes.

But the fact is, rest is okay. We aren't designed to work all of the time. Even God rested. That should tell ya something right there...

When we fill our lives with hustle, bustle and obligations that feel like wind, earthquakes, and fire, we so often miss the important moments that God yearns to spend with us. He longs for our attention, not our accolades.

He wants us to know Him, really know Him, for who He is. And it's in these quiet moments, where we stifle the chaotic world around us to intentionally seek Him, that we get to know Him better.

What a relief, to know that God is gentle and patient. He isn't up there with a checklist looking at how much you've accomplished. He just wants to spend time with you, and wants you to feel okay with skipping a few workouts to do so. He wants to help replenish your body, mind, and soul - which requires physical rest and proper nourishment.

What a lesson I learned today.

Slow. Down.

It's okay to take a break. It's okay to pause and reflect. It's okay to simply just, be. Because it's in these silent moments that God reminds us of who He is and that we're never, ever alone.

I liked today. Because now, I'm cuddled on the couch with a decaf coffee and a bowl of mint ice cream, with a snoring dog at my feet and a Christmas tree glowing in the background. I don't feel guilty, not one bit. My heart is full, my soul is at peace, and I am confident that God has good things in store for His people.

Thanking Jesus for these moments today - because I know the time will come where they will be few and far between again. But I pray that I will always find a way to quiet my life and find His voice. I pray that you will, too.

Also, Molly Rue pooped on my carpet today. She got the stink eye. No pun intended. I also couldn't clean it right away because she so strategically did so right as I finished my last coat of nail polish.

But, the saving grace? I couldn't smell a thing.

I'm almost out of Febreze. And rice cakes.


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