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Days 6 & 7

Well, I did it again.

Yes, I physically strained my body more than it should be pushed at the moment, but also - I've emotionally strained myself.

I'll tell ya how.

I became obsessed with taking everything I was reading in scripture, listening to on podcasts, or reading on social media posts, and sharing it with everyone else. While it's certainly important to share what God has revealed to us, it can become overshadowing of the very nuggets He's trying to tuck in your own heart first.

And this is where I found myself.

I mean, I would get anxious if I read a scripture and didn't post about it on one of my social media platforms.

So I would quickly write a post or share a story, and find myself distracted for a good hour trying to get the lighting, words, and vibe right.

And this is where God stopped me short.

I think the underlying lesson of this entire quarantine thing has been slowing down and quieting the distractions in my life. Yet here I was, continuously scrolling and trying to keep up my online presence, because, because, because...I had to!

The truth is, we can't help others if our own tanks are depleted.

We can't share the truth in God's word if we don't take the time to instill it and understand it with our own hearts first.

And we can't truly get to know our Savior outside of the quiet place - as I had mentioned in my last post.

So, I'll keep this short - because my body is exhausted and my mind needs a quick break.

I'm learning how to be still. I mean, really, really still. The kind of still that my body has never been comfortable with.

The enemy will try to keep us distracted and will make our "quiet" time seem like an obligation. But Jesus wants it to be about pausing to rest in His goodness. That means pausing not just physically - but mentally too. He wants our attention, at its fullness. He longs for us to enter His peace by communing with Him, and only Him.

And that looks a lot like taking a few deep breaths, turning off the cellphone, and focusing on knowing who He is through a personal connection with Him.

I can tell you that God is good. I can tell you that He's warm, loving, and kind. I can type the words over and over again - but until you truly experience that for yourself, they will only be just that - words.

I'm beginning to see God in a new light, just as I prayed I would.

And here's the thing.

It's not this glorious revelation, or a broadway show. It's not a huge miracle or flashes of lightning and thunder. While God certainly can reveal Himself in those ways, He's doing something else here.

It looks a lot more like choking back tears while worship music is playing because the atmosphere suddenly turns thick with His presence. It's combatting inevitable loneliness with a smile because you can feel His blessing on your life, even if the full dream hasn't come to fruition yet. It's feeling a warmth so deep inside of you, even though your broken pieces haven't completely healed yet - because you feel His love so abundantly.

It's an inexplicable, overwhelming, and undeniable feeling that you are so, so adored by the One who created you, and that He's got every piece of your life in His hands. It's humbling, resetting, and reviving to realize that we are chosen, when we gave Him every reason to give up on us.

It's knowing that He is so incredibly good - not because we deserve it - but in contrast of that, simply because it's who He is.

I pray that He reveals Himself deeply to you, too. However that looks.

For me, His love has been revealed through not only spending time with Him, but also in other little moments. His winks are found on my daily walks with Molly Rue as I admire the adorable town I moved to and the Hallmark looking houses that line its streets. His blessing warms my heart as her paws patter on the sidewalk, and the calm air stills my soul. His presence has never left my side, when everything screams "lonely" about my situation.

I am not lonely. I am so in awe of how amazing our God is.

And I pray that you would feel that too, especially during the Christmas season.

Oh, what a Savior.

Joy to the world, man.

By the way, I've moved on to sniffing the pickle jar in hopes of the return of my smell. Nothing. Not even a hint of vinegar. We'll wait.

Also, I'm really craving hot chocolate. There's none in my apartment. Bah Humbug.

Praying it magically shows up at my door. Wouldn't that be a testimony to tell!

Anyway, I'll catch up with you guys soon! I'm turning off the gadgets for now. Love ya.


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