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First Bible Study! Mark 14:32

YOU GUYS. I have missed VLOGGING!

Ok, I wouldn't necessarily count this as vlogging, because I'm not really doing anything exciting... BUT, I figured I would try out some new content for ya!

If you guys enjoyed it, I'll be trying to do more interactive bible studies like this. So let me know!

With Easter Sunday coming up, and the current grim situation of the world, I wanted to look at how Jesus was feeling BEFORE the crucifixion.

We know that the cross is the greatest gift from God, because Jesus died on it so that we could stand, blameless, before God to enter Heaven - but the cross was also an extremely painful experience for Jesus.

This Coronavirus thing is painful for a lot of us. It looks a lot like a march to the end of the world. BUT, Resurrection Sunday is coming.

There is an end that is far more glorious than we could ever imagine.

Keep your eyes fixed on the truth of God's word, and on His perfect will - not yours.

Watch the vid & use this link to visit the questions to go along with this passage:

Praying for health & peace for all of you! Kick that Corona cross in the booty...


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