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God, the Uber Driver

Can we just talk about Uber for a hot second? This morning, I was scrolling through my phone and playing with the order of the apps when Uber kind of just caught my eye. Then, of course, I went into deep thought about it.

Listen, I think it's wonderful that this service provides rides to people who either don't have a car, had one too many beverages, or whatever the reason may be. But let's think about this for one minute.

We request our ride in the app, and a driver is assigned to us. It's not like we get to go through a list of potential candidates and read their background checks to make sure they're not a psychopath or anything.

Next, we await their arrival, constantly scanning for the assigned car that is shown on our phone. Once they arrive, we hop in, sit back, relax, and allow this complete stranger to take us to our destination.

I mean, come on. It seems completely unsafe and almost like we have a death wish. We totally put our lives in someone else's hands, and we don't even sweat it. It's not like we're in the backseat biting our nails and hoping we don't get murdered or captured on our way to the destination. We sit peacefully, knowing that in a few moments we will reach where we need to go safely.

If we can trust a complete stranger with our lives, why can't we trust God?

God is ultimately the Uber driver of our lives. Except, the difference is, He gets to choose our final destination. We need to be able to hop in his car, sit in the backseat, and trust that He will bring us where we need to go.


"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you- plans to give you a hope & a future."

Jeremiah 29:11


Now, Uber rides are not free. We don't get to kick our feet up and luxuriously roam the streets as if we are some member of the royal family. There is a fee to pay.

With God as our driver, his fee is asking that we not only trust him, but we live our lives KNOWING that He is in the driver seat. He asks that we connect with Him. He would probably have 5 stars under the conversation category, because this Uber ride is definitely not a silent one. He wants you to talk to Him! He may even explain where He is taking you, and why you may be taking backroads rather than highways.

You know, highways are more susceptible to accidents because of how fast cars are moving and how heavy the traffic may be. Although they bring us to our destination quicker, sometimes they are the roads most dangerous to travel on. This is why God uses Waze- a GPS app that helps you avoid any backups on the road. His GPS brings us around and away from those accidents to help prevent us from being caught in traffic, or even in the accident itself.

We will reach our destination in His perfect timing. Be careful not to rush it. And while you are taking the backroads, enjoy the scenery. Look out the window in peace, knowing that you will eventually get to where you need to be. You won't be stuck in the car forever, but while you're in it, you might as well talk to your driver. Sing worship songs with Him. Read the words He has given you in the Bibles that are located in the backseat. There is beauty in the ride. Don't try to rush it. Enjoy it.

In fact, when you have peace, the ride will seem to go much quicker. You will possibly even forget that you aren't at your destination yet. When you fully have faith, and put complete trust in God, you will be free from the anxiety and worry that may flood your thoughts and prevent you from enjoying your ride. I can confidently say that NO ONE likes a backseat driver. (Right, dad...?) You are not in control, He is. You may not understand your journey, or see the end, but you can play your part and be a faithful and peaceful rider.

After all, Uber drivers get to rate their customers too. ;)


"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." Romans 15:13



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