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God Would Pick the Weak Ones in Gym Class

Do you ever feel like life is kicking your butt? Like the giants you continue to face are much larger than you prefer them to be? Like the tunnel is completely dark, and the "light at the end" is a fictitious saying for people who bake rainbow cakes and workout 7x a week? Same, man, same.

I found myself asking God why. A lot.

Why am I going through this? Why does this seem impossible? Why are you allowing these overwhelming, big, and seemingly unsolvable problems continue to overwhelm me?

Why can't my biggest problem today be unscrewing the tight lid of a salsa jar or smudging my nail polish? What's with the big life problems that seem to grow and grow and grow?

Have you heard the saying, "God gives the hardest battles to the strongest soldiers"?

I hate that saying.

I hate it because I am the exact opposite of a strong soldier. I cry when I kill a spider. So, why in the world am I being assigned any hard battles? It would be like signing Shirley Temple up for the army.

So, I think this saying missed the point. I don't think God gives hard battles to strong people. I think God allows hard battles to face the weak flesh so that He has a platform to display His mighty power and grace.

Think about it. If John Cena squared up against Goliath and beat him, there would be some speculation as to whether it was God who delivered the Philistine into his hands, or John's sculpted biceps that brought the victory. If Army Rangers showed up to lead, instead of the worship team, and defeat the Moabites, I'm sure that the headstrong dudes in camouflage would have been given full credit, rather than God.

As I read through the Old Testament, I notice a pattern. Every time God's people had to go to war, they were seemingly outnumbered, impossibly surrounded, or much weaker than their enemies. And each time, these hopeless situations led the leaders of God's people to do the same thing: cry out to the Lord.


"Judah turned and saw that they were being attacked at both front and rear. Then they cried out to the Lord...and the people of Judah were victorious because they relied on the Lord, the God of their ancestors."

2 Chronicles 13:14 & 18


If they did not feel completely helpless, they wouldn't need to cry out for help. They would have relied on their own strength and possibly given themselves credit when they were victorious.

Maybe you, too, are facing a huge giant. Maybe you are surrounded by life's demands and can't see how you're going to win the war.

Cry out.

Let your faith be the foundation that God uses to gain glory.

Don't look at your circumstances as a hindrance or an impossibility - because it's in those moments that God does His most incredible exploits. Your story will be one that is telling of God's almighty power.

God's ways are always backwards than the world's. They are always unbelievable to the human eye so that man can't receive credit. Only God can. And I think that's exactly why our enemies and battles are always more overwhelming and bigger than we'd like them to be.

I don't know why we go through the battles we do. I don't know why certain things happen to certain people, but I do know that God is always victorious. I do know that God can do anything. And I know this, because He's done it in my life.

He'll do it for you, too.

It's freeing to let go of wondering why or how He will come through. When we try to figure it all out, it can cause anxiety and despair to take us over. But, when we let go of trying to figure it all out with our flesh and our human minds, we give God the reigns to pull out His Spiritual Playbook.

Will you believe it? Will you stand on His promises?

He's not looking for the most physically fit, or the most spiritual, or the most emotionless people to fight battles.

He's looking for people who fear Him, serve Him, and love Him with all of their heart.

You are qualified for battle because you have the BEST coach in town - God.

He will bring you through. Keep trusting in that, and keep praising Him in the storm.


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