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I Asked for Sunshine, God Gave Me Rain

"Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you"

- Psalm 55:22 -

When I crawled into bed the night before my day off (FINALLY), my limbs hurt and my head pounded. Physically, I felt beyond weak. Emotionally - I felt weaker.

My work week was the same as the past few had been - exhausting, demanding and just over all mentally draining. I was certainly looking forward to a day to myself.

Before shutting my eyes, I opened my weather app, hopeful that a sun would appear in place of the next day's forecast. I already envisioned myself by our friend's pool with an iced coffee and my favorite book. My skin would finally get a chance to morph from its usual pasty tone to a sun-kissed glow. All would feel right in the world again.

But, no sun. As soon as I opened the app, my eyes adjusted to find a cloud with rain drops floating below it. Really? My one day off? Rain? Of course.

Sighing, I said a prayer that God would change the weather so I would actually get to enjoy my day off. I closed my eyes and hoped for the best.

Then, I woke up to rain.

But, God. You KNOW I had an awful week. You know I was looking forward to finally getting to enjoy my time off. Why would you send rain?

As the drops echoed off my window pane, I slowly headed downstairs to make a cup of coffee. Bringing the mug back to my room, I decided to move my Bible reading to the comfort of my bed, encouraged by the look of my fluffy comforter.

Hours later, I had not moved from that spot.

My body felt rested. My mind felt renewed. And my spirit felt still.

I needed a day of rest. I needed to exert little to no physical energy, and I needed to refill my cup with God's Word.

If the sun was shining, I would have felt guilty for staying in bed. I had my bag already packed for a pool day. Undoubtedly, if the weather had cooperated the way I had hoped it would, I would've ran out the door to expend my energy at a friend's house, rather than spending time alone in God's presence - which was exactly what I needed to help renew my strength.

Here's the thing.

I thought I knew what I needed.

I thought I needed sunshine and a pool day to restore my physical and mental health.

But God knew I didn't.

God knew exactly what I needed, and it was the opposite.

How often do we try to tell God what we need? How often do we think we know how He's going to provide, only for Him to surprise us with something different? How often do we recognize that these unpredictable moments are actually blessings that are meant to help sustain us?

Had I spent the day in the sun, my body would've been drained again. God was not punishing me with a rainy day, He was simply providing sustenance for me.

Wherever you are, God sees you. He knows that you're tired. He knows that you're struggling. And He knows exactly what you need to keep you going.

It may not be what we think, or what we hope for. But if we shift our perspective, we can see God in every moment of our lives. We can see how His hand is there to guide us every step of the way, We can see the provision He gives each and every day.

He never promises to remove hard situations from our lives. He does promise, however, to be with us through it and provide us with EXACTLY what we need to keep going. It's not our strength, but His alone that gets us through.

Cast your cares. Give them to God. And then trust that He will take care of you.

He always will.


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