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Isolessons: Day 4


Normally, this would be as exciting as the capital letters imply, but to be honest, I wasn't so thrilled about this lovely nature gesture for several reasons.

  1. I have a dog now. Which means, I have no choice but to brave the storm so miss thang can relieve herself outside of the confinement of my apartment walls.

  2. I live in an apartment building. Which means I had to get up and clear off my car, move it, and wait for the plow dude to come take care of the driveway. No choice there.

  3. I have 10 more "snow days" left, full of predictable Hallmark movies, permanent sweat pants, and hours to get lost in the alternate worlds of my bookshelf. The magic kind of diminishes when you can't leave your house anyway.

So, I spent my day helping my princess of a southern dog become accustomed to the foreign white substance that laced the ground, reading Scripture, writing my novel (somehow knocked out 2 chapters!), and burying my nose in the mystery novel I just began yesterday.

While this seems like a packed day, it honestly felt relaxing and rejuvenating. There's something calming about having zero obligations...


The moment you've all been waiting for...

What have I learned today?

Well, with copious amounts of time to dive into 1 Kings this morning... a lot.

But, I'll recap for ya.

As I dove into the years following King Solomon's reign, God pointed out the very privilege we have in being able to communicate with Him without having to use a prophet or priest as a liaison.

The old testament illustrates the difficulty there was in communing with God. We don't need to offer sacrifices or travel miles and miles to find a prophet to inquire of the Lord for us like they did. Instead, we have the ability to enter in God's presence, because Jesus intercedes for us. His blood covers us, and allows us to enter into God's holy presence. Christ died so that we could have direct communication with God. So, I can literally say, from anywhere, "Hey God, can you help me out here?"

What an honor that is, and one that we should be continuously thankful for. His wisdom is available to us at any point, anywhere.

Another revelation God gave me today was the assurance that His Word will always come to pass.

You know, many times, we read the stories and we skim through the chapters, well aware of the endings in favor of God's people, but we forget that these stories don't have a five minute timeline. In fact, there could be an entire decade panned out in just a paragraph or two. The people in these stories didn't have the ability to see their endings like we do. Their lives were void of the sneak peaks illustrating that everything eventually works out.

While God spoke of the vengeance He would have over evil rulers and the wrath that would pour out as a result of leaders and people who neglected God and His commands, He didn't always offer quick evidence to support it. In fact, most of the rulers went to the grave without seeing the repercussion of their actions.

But, in His perfect timing, God's Word always came to pass. And time and time again, the Word explains that the rise and fall of leaders, nations, and people were in direct accordance to what God had spoken.

Here's the thing. God's promises are true. He will protect His people. Good will win in any war. The timeline may not be as we predict it to be, BUT we can stand in confidence that He is just, He is good, and He is faithful. His timing is absolutely perfect, and our faith should stand on that - not what our naked eye sees.

I don't know when this virus ends. I don't know when people will repent and return to serving God. I don't know if I'll ever see revival in my lifetime, but I know that it will come. So I'll keep praying, I'll keep doing what's right in the sight of the Lord, and I'll hold onto hope, knowing that God is in full control.

I pray you feel peace in that, too. God's not shocked. He hasn't forgotten His promises. He hasn't been thrown off course. While it may seem like evil has won over this society as a whole, I know that God gets the final say. And He wins this war.

Wow, my fourth cup of coffee is really showing its strength. Sorry for the passionate ramble. I just get so excited, man!

In other news...

I have learned something else today.

I should be banned from reading about any health issues on the Internet.

Like, blocked.

My left side of my body has gone somewhat numb, so naturally I diagnosed myself with a blood clot and will probably need my leg amputated, because one person with COVID had that happen. One.

It can't be the pinched nerve in my neck that has been bothering me for over a year. Nope. Blood clot, for sure. Say goodbye to your leg, Danielle. So long to the days of running, kicking a soccer ball, or simply walking around. This is it.

Also, I will never get my sense of smell or taste back. A 78 year old man in Louisiana didn't, so I probably won't either. That's that. So long to enjoying the sweet aroma of hazelnut espresso, fresh balsam, and Old Spice deodorant. Adios to the decadent taste of dark chocolate cherries, crunchy peanut butter, and cinnamon sprinkled lattes.


All of this panic ensued as I neglected the countless scriptures on healing in front of me, and instead relied on two exaggerated, dramatic news sources on my iPhone. Someone smack me, will ya? Actually don't. You may become infected. Air slap me.

So I'm banning myself from the Internet for awhile.

Other than that...I'm sure everything is fine. Don't worry.

I am applying twice as much deodorant as usual, just in case. Also spraying Febreze everywhere, in hopes that my apartment still smells nice...

Well, that's all for my exciting day 4.

Riveting stuff, I know.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's adventure!

P.S., I still have one rice cake left. I'm savoring that baby.


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