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Oh, Hey God!

When people ask me how I know God is real, I don't have much of an answer for them except that I just know. This morning, He confirmed my belief to a new level.

I'll admit, there are days when it's really hard being a believer. I know God is real, and I know He has promised me a hope and a future, but like, hello? Where is said "hope & future"? And, uh, God, we were chillin' together last week - where you at now?

The ironic part of this is, I have yet to crack open my Bible this week. GASP - I know, what a heathen... But life gets busy and honestly, when I'm feeling discouraged or frustrated, the last thing I want to do is read my Bible. The first thing I do? Crawl in my bed and hide under my pillows with reality TV playing in the background. Also, there's probably icecream nearby. It's therapy.


It's not that God wasn't here. Because He's always with us. I just wasn't actively seeking Him or allowing His presence to surround me. Instead, I was unknowingly pushing Him away.

Okay, ladies, hear me out. You know when you're mad at your man because of whatever reason and you shoot him a "k, whatever, bye" text? But then you get even more furious when he doesn't respond after that?

Yep. This was me and Jesus this week y'all.

I was shutting Him out, but expecting Him to show up.

Maybe girls really are nuts...


This morning, I had some extra time, so I made my coffee and started talking out loud to the main man upstairs. Some call it praying, I call it chatting. Seriously, if you are nervous about praying because you have no idea how to do it, I'll let you in on a little secret: there's no right or wrong way! I talk to God like he's my pal, because that's just my personality. So, whatever floats your boat.

So I start talking to God, and of course I'm a little bitter, you know? Like, dude, where are you (now, when I need you....cue Justin Bieber)?! So, then I open my Bible and the cobwebs fall out. And I'm highlighting like a maniac to try and prove that I've read my scriptures today! Woo! Of course, I find a nice sounding passage that I want to send out to y'all on my blog, so I open up my app to create a nice looking template to place the text on and....YOU GUYS.

The first template I see is:


If you read the tiny quote under the "don't give up" text, you'll see a quote that is forever engraved on the back of my neck in black lettering.

When I was 19, I was heading to a tattoo shop in New Jersey to get the words "dream big" on my neck. But, something urged me to switch it to the quote above. Fall down 7, Stand up 8. Little did I know, this quote would become the staple of my life.

Every single time I've fallen on my face, Jesus reminds me to get back up again. And let me tell you guys something, I've fallen a lot. I should probably change the numbers on my neck to 7777777 and 8888888. But every time I fall, I picture Jesus picking me up off of a gravel floor, with tears running down my face and my hair in a hot mess, while He smiles and pulls me in close for a comforting embrace.

Every time He picks me up, I feel peace. I feel warmth. I feel that hope.

So, how do I know God is real?

I know because I feel it. I know because every time I ask for comfort in empty holes that are beyond my understanding, they are filled with the exact words I need. I know because I've searched for answers in every other part of life, and have only found them on my hands and knees.

I know because I needed to be reminded that He's here with me, and somehow, the exact words I needed showed up on my phone screen.

Ask Him to reveal Himself to you today. You may just be surprised where He will show up to comfort you.


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