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The Opportunity in Darkness

Okay, has anyone else felt like God has been somewhat distant - especially with all of the craziness seemingly finding a natural home in society? I mean, a bad news headline doesn't even phase me anymore. In fact, it almost seems naturally ingrained in every day life.

I started getting tired of posting about hope, and reassuring everyone around me that God was on the throne, when it seemed like no one was believing me anyways.

To be bluntly honest - I became weary of reminding myself of that, too.

God, where are you?

Why are you letting evil win?

Why won't you just show people who You are and that You got this?

We can all feel this way, especially in these evidently hopeless times.

Throughout these past couple of months, Jeremiah 29:13 has been a scripture that God keeps putting on my heart.


"You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart."

- Jeremiah 29:13 -


And so I realized.

The reason I felt like God was distant, is because I stopped searching for Him, wholeheartedly.

I started making devotion time a 10-minute chore in the morning, rather than an opportunity to commune and really invest in wisdom. I started believing the lies of the enemy, digesting the words of social media over the Word of the God who holds the world in His hand. I started focusing on the way the darkness seemed to snuff out all of the light, that I missed the opportunity that God is presenting us with.

The other night, as I was driving, there was this orange tint emerging in the bottom left of my windshield. As I kept going, and began my descend on the pavement hill, the orange glow spanned across the entire landscape of my view, and a beautiful line of speckled gold and pink spread its warmth across a black sky.

I nearly lost my breath.

Tears formed in my eyes, as I realized that the beauty of this illustration would not have captured my soul in the capacity it did, if its backdrop were anything but the deep contrast of empty darkness.

And dudes, this picture doesn't even do it justice. I wish y'all could've been with me in this moment. But it was kind of cool to just spend it with God. Because I think that's what He meant to do. Just for me.

And He wants to do it just for you, too.

▫ There is beauty to be found in the dark places of the world.

▫ There are breathtaking moments waiting to shine with such vivid imagery amongst unlit places.

▫ There is wonderous imagery to be displayed against shadows of fear, doubt, and hopelessness.

These illustrations of magnificent beauty are more powerful when drawn on a contrasting background.

So, yes, the world is dark. Evil seems to be prevailing in every which way. There seems to be nothing but absolute darkness everywhere.

But, what a beautiful canvas for us to paint God's goodness on.

What an incredible opportunity we have to shine brighter against a dark backdrop.

We are the speckles of yellow and gold that can bring hope to a dark world.

We have the Truth to stand on - a safe haven within our souls for peace to habitat safely. And we can bring this to those around us.

We are called to be a light in the darkness, and what better time to fulfill this calling than now?

I'm not saying it's going to be easy, because we will be rather resembling of fish against a harsh current. But, it's possible - when we keep our hearts full of God's goodness, truth and mercy.

So we have to seek Him. And we have to do so with every single ounce we have. The scripture says "all your heart", not half, or a piece. All.

We have to look for these moments of light in every moment of our own life, so we can fill ourselves with the hope to give to others. We need to choose to believe the Word of God over a Facebook post. We need to turn the news off, and look for the hints of love that God plants all over our lives.

He is here. He always has been. Perhaps, we just stopped looking for the light.

Amidst the darkness - He shines brighter.

Will you?


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