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The Recipe for Miracles

Just as a delicious baked good requires baking soda, God's miracles require a seemingly hopeless situation.

Baking soda, if any of you have tried it - which I'm sure you haven't because you're not an absolute maniac like me - is disgusting. It's bitter & makes your tongue feel like it's dancing in lava.

But, it's essential to make all of those mouth-watering cookies, breads, & cakes rise.

Hopeless situations can leave our faith feeling like a baking soda soaked tongue.

Bitter, stinging, & uncomfortable.

But, they are essential to the platform God uses to perform miracles.

If you look back on any miracle that was performed in the Bible, the story begins with a doomed appearance. Now, we know the end of most of these tales, so we don't put much thought into how scary & hopeless they actually were to the people who experienced them.

Just like, in twenty years, kids who will study the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020 in History 101 will not feel the same anguish, uncertainty & fear that we are feeling today. They won't put much thought into the before, because they know the after.

They will know there is an ending that resolves the fear we are feeling. They will see the virus as the point in history where our strength was tested, and our faith grew larger than ever. They will see it as a time that families were able to pause, and actually spend quality time with each other. They will see the hand of God in it, because the miracle will have come to pass.

I say I would have as much faith as Daniel did in the lion's den, but I don't know that I really would man. I mean if God threw me in a cage with lions right now, I'm pretty sure I would be crippled with fear.

I say I would have as much faith as Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego in the furnace, but...I definitely would've screamed and cried like a baby. I don't think I would have calmly walked right on in.

The only reason I say I would have the same faith as these men, is because I read the ending. I know that God came through and spared their lives, working in miraculous way to show His people that He rewards those who stand in bold faith.

As soon as the three amigos (for simplicity sake, can we call them that?) came out of the fire, untouched, King Nebuchadnezzar (honestly, had to paste that from google...) could not deny the Almighty God any longer. If the situation hadn't been so hopeless for the three amigos, I'm not sure that God's glory would've been so evident to everyone around them.

Perhaps King Neb (I like this nickname) could have come up with a natural solution that would've given him the glory, rather than the supernatural miracle that occurred to open his spiritual eyes to God's power.

The situation had to look completely hopeless in the natural realm, for God to move His hand in the supernatural.

You know, every miracle that Jesus performed required the same doomed atmosphere.

He didn't heal the partially sick with medicine. He didn't give glasses to the partially blind so that they could see. He didn't resuscitate the almost dead with a defibrillator. (Honestly, I had to google that. Please see below. This is proof that God can use ANYONE friends...)

He did not use situations that had any possible natural solution available. He took the situations that the world would deem beyond repair, and He used them for His glory.

Jesus put mud on a blind dude's eyes to make him see. He would simply touch the sick to heal them. He spoke to a man who was dead for four days and dude all of a sudden came out alive.

Those are miraculous healings and wonders that show the glory of God. There is no doubt that it could be anything else. And those miracles are what drove people to Jesus.

Those miracles opened the eyes and hearts of people who didn't believe in God.

You know, I have been praying that God would perform miracles like He did in the Bible so that our nation would open its spiritual eyes. I have been praying that the lost would be found. I have been praying that God would work in mighty ways.

And although we haven't seen it yet, I think that this time is being used as the foundation He needs to show His glory. I think the seemingly hopeless situation of this country is just what His miracle recipe calls for. And I know that something big is going to happen, and people's eyes will be open to the true power of our God.

What if we, instead of blaming God, saw this uncomfortable situation that He has placed us in, as an opportunity to profess our faith in bold ways - just as Daniel & the three amigos did?

What if we brought people to Jesus during this time, just as the disciples did, to show them that anything and everything is possible with belief?

What if we stood in complete faith, knowing that our God will come through, before we even see the ending?

My goodness, it excites me so much to know that God can turn this around in any moment. He can snap His fingers, and we can be healed. He can speak, and we can arise from the dead. He can bring us out of this fire, untouched, and turn the hearts of unbelieving leaders.

"I AM WHO I AM." - Exodus 3:14

He is. He is good. He is faithful. He is almighty. He is 'I AM'.

This is not a time of punishment. This is not a time to allow the devil to cripple you with fear. This is a time like no other, where God is going to move & open eyes.

This is a time to stand in faith, even when everyone else doesn't.


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