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Welcome to the Iso-Lessons

The inevitable has come, and I write to you from the comfort of an oversized sweatshirt and a knit blanket with its threads the victims of my new puppy's chompers. This corner has become accustomed to my weight in just three days of continuous occupancy, and will undoubtedly leave behind a customized butt imprint after the next 11 days.

I am in official quarantine.

For me, moments of solitude and isolation are far and few between. To be suddenly smacked in the face with forced confinement for 14 days was exciting, at first.

And then, hour two hit. And I was already bored.

Be careful what you wish for, peeps.

While I started to spiral down a list of anxious thoughts about work, sickness, and the holiday season, my eye caught glimpse of my cabinet full of Bible journaling supplies and notebooks.

How long have I been yearning for time with God that existed outside of rushed mornings over soggy oatmeal and lukewarm coffee? How far have I felt from the One who replenishes and revives my soul like no other because my days have been full of endless checklists and exhausting tasks.

And now here I was, with all of the time in the world (well, for two weeks at least). What a precious gift.

Does it stink that I can't simply go to the grocery store, or see my friends, or share laughs with my coworkers at the moment? Yes, yes it does.

Am I thrilled that my sense of taste and smell is completely gone and I feel exhausted most of the day? Of course not.

But, I know that God is good. And I know that His ways are not our ways, and that there is purpose in every situation and season that He allows. I know that my life has stifled for the moment, and that there is opportunity to be had in these mundane days (besides not having to paint my eyelids with brown undertones or tame my messy bun).

So, while my social media feed consists of countless health updates from those experiencing similar quarantine situations, I want to offer a different look at this quarantine life.

While the enemy can do his best work when we are isolated, I truly believe that God can also do some of His best work in us when we are free from distractions and obligations.

I'm excited to learn more about who God is. I'm excited for Him to reveal Himself in new ways to deepen our relationship. I'm excited to know that while I'm alone, I'm not really alone. Read that one again. Just slower.

Maybe you're in the same boat right now. Maybe you have hours and hours of solitary confinement and it's making you anxious. Or, maybe you're excited to binge Netflix and finally clean out your closet.

However you're feeling about it, I challenge you to look at it from a different perspective. Maybe, God is slowing you down. Perhaps He's providing you with time to get to know Him on a deeper level. He's shifting your schedule to break our natural habit of simply going through the motions.

What an opportunity we have to learn to trust Him, grow deeper in our faith, and see our Savior in a new light.

I'll be praying for those of you who are feeling the weight of this sickness, and for those who have lost family members or friends to this horrible virus. I'll be praying for this nation to see the severity and seriousness of COVID-19.

But, I'll also be praying for a return to Him.

I'll be praying that God shows up for you, wherever you are, in new and exciting ways. I'll pray that He will comfort you and show you His love in abundance as we enter a seemingly grim holiday season.

No matter where you need Him to meet you, I pray that He would show up in miraculous ways that leave you in absolute awe.

I'm excited to take you through my Spiritual journey over the next week and a half, and to share with you the lessons God offers me throughout this period of isolation.

We shall call them, the Iso-Lessons.

It's the best I could do, folks. Smile at it, will ya.

So, join me, if you will, on this odd but compelling journey.

Or don't - whatever floats your boat.

Quick, quick recap:

Day 1 - Full of shock, rambling thoughts, and sleep. Ordered groceries online - really rad experience. Forgot rice cakes.

Day 2 - The idea was somewhat birthed, and God revealed to me the importance of spending time with Him through prayer. Lost my taste and smell - kinda upset that I just spent $150 on groceries and can't even enjoy their taste. But, I'm happy that I can finally drink the sleeve of gross flavor Nespresso pods that I bought.

Day 3 - I write the blog. And God reminds me how important His truth is, which is found in spending time in His Word. I am also reminded that there is a 3rd book of John. Totally forgot. Almost down to my last rice cake. I'm sad, and also don't want to order more groceries yet. Still no taste or smell. "Relationship Goals" by Mike Todd is really good. I highly recommend.

Stay tuned for more!

Each day will be more detailed than this. I just wanted to introduce y'all to my concept here.

Stay safe & healthy, people. Love ya.


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