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"Set Apart, Not Aside"

Published in 2022, "Set Apart, Not Aside" is Danielle Axelrod's first published novel!

You can purchase a copy from Amazon or today.



To anyone who has felt the aching pain of wondering why they weren't enough, it's time to tell yourself a new story.

One of the most painful reflections to see in the mirror is one of inadequacy and rejection. We all face moments that leave us feeling less than, unworthy, and insecure. But what if we could change the narrative?

What if we could stare in the mirror and see ourselves through the lens of Jesus rather than the picture we have allowed the world to shape for us?

Set Apart, Not Aside was written for the ones who continuously face feelings of rejection and allow that to define their entire identity. While the journey to discovering your identity in Christ isn't an overnight one, it's one of the most important revelations you can have to step forward into the purpose that God created specifically for you.

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